Eric or Mars. take your pick. (vulcanknight84) wrote in chessmasters,
Eric or Mars. take your pick.

Sunday Practice!!!

we will be at Tropical Park, not hialeah. the gig was cancelled, details will follow later on, so no need to worry about it.

FIGHTERS! fight call is at 12 p.m., i want you there by 11:30 a.m., otherwise my foot will have a meeting with your asses upon your arrival. i don't know the schedule for everyone else so go with what you were told originally.

once again, sunday practice will be held as normal in tropical park. fighters need to be there at 11:30 for stretchout and warm-up so we can get right to work on the melees and other fights right away. IM me or call me if you have any questions, and call other people to spread the word.
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